Villa Ragazzi Winery

Villa Ragazzi is a very small winery owned by the Rodeno family. Honoring their Italian heritage, they planted the first Sangiovese grapes in Napa Valley more than 30 years ago. Although well known in its native Italy, where it is labeled Chianti Classico or Brunello di Montalcino, Sangiovese was rare in California in 1985. It remains rare, representing today less than ¼ of 1% of Napa Valley’s planted acreage.

In spite of Napa Valley’s international renown for Cabernet Sauvignon, most who have tried to produce world-class Sangiovese have found it a challenging grape to grow, and a difficult wine to make successfully. The Rodeno family is among the few to produce a top quality Sangiovese, perhaps because of their unique clone and the suitability of their green certified vineyard’s location.

Numerous wine journalists have affirmed that the Villa Ragazzi Sangiovese is probably the best they’ve ever tasted from Napa Valley (some go as far as to say the best of the United States!).

Sangiovese is a wine for people who enjoy good food. It has lively natural acidity that marries well with both rich and lighter dishes, and is particularly good with grilled fish, meats, mushrooms, and vegetables. Sangiovese will age in your cellar for years, thanks to its fine tannins and natural acidity. If you can’t wait, the Rodenos recommend aerating or decanting Villa Ragazzi Sangiovese for 20 minutes to allow its floral and dark cherry aromas to expand in your glass.

Also available are a super-Tuscan blend, Faraona, and a dry rosé of Sangiovese.

Villa Ragazzi Winery
7878 Money Rd
Napa, CA 94558