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Gliding Eagle

We are a systems and data technology company specializing in global trade.

We track each product from the producer to the consumer to ensure authenticity and channel accountability. We share the data with partners in the channel to build mutual trust.

We primarily help manufacturers and brands around the world. By helping the right producers, we support conscious production.

Gliding Eagle System

Our cloud based data system tracks each product unit from the source to the end-user around the world. Each step is recorded to ensure product authenticity and channel accountability.

1 System, 3 Products

Gliding Eagle System

1. Eagle View

2. Eagle Verify

3. Eagle Scan

Gliding Eagle Label

Each product is labeled and uniquely identified with a 12-digit code.

1Eagle View

For Manufacturers

It enables manufacturers and our partners to easily see the revenue, volume, and each logistical step in global trade for their products. Actually, each product unit is uniquely identified and linked to a destinated retailer or an end consumer.

2Eagle Verify

For Consumers

Consumers can learn everything about the producer, brand, and product.

Track this product unit from the producer to the consumer anywhere in the world.

Easy customer feedback and support with just a tap on the phone.

Scan with your mobile phone to experience!

3Eagle Scan

For Partners

It enables our team and our partners to easily upload data in the global supply chain, using their mobile phones.

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Business Applications

In order for an innovation to truly create value in our society, it must be applied to real business scenarios to solve pressing issues. We are using our technology in two business applications.

AIntl Direct-To-Consumer Services for Premium Wines

We are helping over 180 premier California wineries to easily deliver wines directly to consumers in over 32 countries and regions around the world.

Our technology authenticates each bottle at the source, and tracks each step through the global supply chain to the end consumer.

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BIntl Direct-To-Hospital Services for Specialty Pharma

We work with American pharmaceutical manufacturers and Chinese government agencies to directly deliver specialty pharma drugs to designated hospitals in China. These most advanced drugs will help to treat patients with cancer and rare diseases.

Each medicine unit is identified and tracked from the source to the end patient to ensure full Chinese regulatory compliance.


Joining Ping An Accelerator

Ping An Fin+Tech Accelerator

Ping An Group is the largest insurance company in China. Gliding Eagle was one of the lucky 10 startups selected from 120 applicants. The 3-month “Acceleration Adventure” helps to optimize technology and business model at scale.

June 14, 2018

2nd Place Award

SVCTBA Pitching Contest

Gliding Eagle Inc. receives award for 2nd Place for an outstanding pitch at Silicon Valley Chinese Technology and Business Association, Start-Up Pitching Contest at San Jose City Hall.

May 11, 2018

Export Achievement Certificate

U.S. Department of Commerce

“Congrats to Jack Duan, Adam Ivor, and everyone at Gliding Eagle Inc. for receiving the U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Certificate. Your commitment to transparency and authenticity ensures consumers overseas can learn more about the great wines and products in our community, opening up new markets to our local businesses.” — Congressman Mike Thompson

May 31, 2017

Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson

“In recognition of your amazing work to offer easier, safer and transparent service to Chinese visitors who wish to have a taste of California in their own home. I commend you for your Excellence in Export.” — Congressman Mike Thompson

May 31, 2017

Outstanding Maker Award

IEEE Bigdata Congress 2017

Gliding Eagle CEO Jack Duan, receives the “Outstanding Maker Award” from IEEE Bigdata Congress 2017 in Shenzhen, China.

May 27, 2017

Marketer of the Year

The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco

The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco proudly announces that Adam Ivor (Gliding Eagle) has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Rising Wine Stars “Marketer of the Year Award”.

March 1, 2017

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Gliding Eagle Team

Our company was founded in 2010 in California, now with teams in San Francisco Bay Area, Europe and China. We bring passion and solid industry experience together.

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