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We are here to change global trade.

Our unique technology fully tracks each product from the producer to the end consumer anywhere in the world. Paired with our Direct-to-Consumer model, we ensure channel transparency and product authenticity.

We start with premium American brands and Chinese consumers. Initially with branded premium wines and natural consumer products, the selection will expand to include any premium branded products where authenticity is paramount.


We have built a unique cloud and mobile based technology system.

It tracks each individual product unit, every step from the producer to the end consumer, anywhere in the world. We believe only this level of transparency can assure authenticity for each product, benefiting both brands and consumers.

Gliding Eagle Label

Every label has a unique code. We affix this to each unit at our facility before shipping.

Authenticity Verified

Consumers can learn everything about the producer, brand, and product.

Track this product unit from the producer to the consumer anywhere in the world.

Easy customer feedback and support with just a tap on the phone.

Direct-To-Consumer Globally

Wine Logistics to China

We have developed a fully traceable Direct-To-Consumer logistics solution using FedEx to connect premium California wineries with Chinese consumers, in both mainland China and Hong Kong.

We are also partnering with Vin65 to make it easy for wineries!

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STAR Directory

We support authentic American brands with digital brand marketing to Chinese consumers.

STAR Directory is a beautifully designed mobile app to help brands establish an online presence in China. It is optimized for Chinese users to discover these brands by online search and by WeChat social media word-of-mouth.

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Gliding Eagle Team

Our goal is to use technology and Direct-To-Consumer model to bring transparency to global trade.

We believe that consumers should easily find out who actually makes the products, and how they got here. The producers should also know what happens to their products downstream.

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If you are a California winery or American natural product brand, and are interested in directly shipping to Chinese consumers, we'd love to hear from you!




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