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In 2015, California welcomed more than 1M Chinese visitors. It is projected to double by 2018. Many will buy wines if they can be transported home easily.

We specialize in helping California wineries to directly ship to consumers in China (Mainland and Hong Kong). Our unique mobile technology ensures authenticity by tracking each bottle, every step from the winery to the Chinese consumer.

Our Services


We take care of all export declaration and import clearance paperwork, and pre-pay Chinese Customs duties.

So you don't have to worry.


We partner with FedEx to ship via International Priority Air. Each bottle is packed in special-designed and sealed boxes, and is fully insured.

There are no middlemen or inventory stored in China.


We are a technology company at heart. Our unique mobile-enabled system ensures authenticity by tracking each bottle from the winery to the consumer in China.

Both parties can track each step easily on their mobile phones.

How it works

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You contact us for pricing and order forms. Or order through Vin65 Plus POS system.

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We pickup the wines within Napa and Sonoma areas.

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We label, pack, file paperwork and ship: At our Napa warehouse, we inspect each bottle and apply a unique Authenticity Label, and pack in special shipping boxes for FedEx Air.

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Delivered to the Chinese consumer's doorstep. It is super easy since they have no paperwork to file.

Delivery Times

We strive to provide the fastest delivery times in the industry. However, the majority of it is spent on Chinese Customs clearance, which is out of our control. Here is how long each step normally takes.


FedEx to
Hong Kong

3 days



It takes longer to clear wine
than other produts

1 week



1-4 days

Normal Delivery: 2 weeks + any extra Customs delays

Holidays: 3-6 weeks (Includes extra Customs delays)

Simple Pricing

Getting wines delivered safely into China is not easy. More than just shipping, the wineries and consumers have to worry about many things. We are here to help. We take care of the entire 7-step process, and our Full Service Price includes all fees and duties paid.

So you don't have to worry. It is that simple.

6Each bottle is tracked every step by our mobile system to ensure authenticity.

7Each bottle is shipped in specially designed packaging and is fully insured.

We also help wineries to easily ship wine samples into China.

Two Payment Scenarios


Wineries can charge Chinese consumers first, then we will invoice.


We can charge the Chinese consumer directly.

Our Customers

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