The moment you walk onto the historic Sinegal Estate the world slows down. This is a place with a refined history, lush with patina and honed through a tenacious attention to detail. Palm trees that once hailed the stop for Pony Express riders now stand statuesquely in front of an exquisite Victorian home recast in modern amenities.

Vine covered archways give way to vineyard rows — then to expansive lawns and the tranquility of the estate’s lake. Beyond lies rugged beauty encircling vineyards originally planted in 1881 that feel set apart from the surrounding world. The whole provides visible proof of the core values that define Sinegal Estate.

Creating something truly exceptional is as uncommon as it is difficult. Rather than one defining element, it is born out of the culmination of 1,403 steps precisely taken — sometimes painstakingly, thoughtfully curated and then boldly implemented with an obsessive commitment to quality.

It’s these standards that guide everything we do; from our historic St. Helena vineyards, artful winemaking, to the uncommon hospitality we envelope our guests with — nothing is left to chance and no detail overlooked. We understand the significance of each intricate nuance and work tirelessly towards perfection. Through these small steps and deliberate choices the exceptional is attained.

Authenticity, integrity and quality are ingrained in every one of our meticulous steps and form what we proudly call Sinegal Estate.

“These are all super-impressive wines, so consumers should get on the Sinegal bandwagon before it becomes better known.” — Robert Parker

“In my opinion, this estate represents one of the finest new properties I have seen come from the Napa Valley in many years. This wine has oodles of dark rich Cabernet fruit flavors with great structure and a long finish. This wine will age well for more than a decade. Simply delicious.” — Christian Navarro

Sinegal Estate
2125 Inglewood Ave
St. Helena, CA 94574