Regusci Winery

The history of the Regusci property chronicles the agricultural evolution of the Napa Valley. Set against the backdrop of the towering Palisade Mountains, on the east side of the Silverado Trail, our 286-acre estate has been farmed by our family for five generations.

Purchased in 1932 by Gaetano Regusci, our family has been carving a living from the land, farming corn, hay, walnuts, plums, olives and cattle, running a dairy and operating a slaughterhouse during the Great Depression.

When Gaetano’s son Angelo took over the family Ranch in the 1960s, he began planting Bordeaux varietals on our estate. Though a practical decision at the time, it would prove to be visionary within a few decades.

As the wine industry began to flourish, so did our vineyards; and soon, we planted the 160 acres of grapes that reside on our estate today.

As luck would have it, Angelo’s son, Jim, became a farmer too, taking over Ranch duties and establishing Regusci Winery in 1996. Today, we grow and handcraft ultra-premium Cabernet Sauvignon on one of the most renowned vineyards in the entire world.

Regusci Winery
5584 Silverado Trail
Napa, CA 94558